Credit Application for Commercial Accounts
Our goal is to provide our customers with prompt and courteous service. We also hope to provide quality merchandise at a reasonable cost.

Credit Application for Pro Auto Recyclers

Commercial Account Credit Application

Credit Application Terms

  • No credit will be extended without prior approval from our Credit Department. Our salespeople cannot extend credit or modify credit terms without authorization from our Credit Department.
  • All charged invoices are net 30 days. Overdue accounts¬†will be assessed a 2% finance charge per month (24% per annum).¬†
  • All C.O.D. purchases must be paid in full upon the receipt of the merchandise. This includes any core charges. If we pick up a core with our delivery trucks, a refund cheque will be issued once our shop has checked in the core. Our delivery drivers will be happy to note on your original invoice the date any cores have been picked up.
  • We invoice our customers core charges on engines, transmissions, transfer cases and axle assemblies. There may also be a core charge on a variety of other parts. It is the responsibility of our customer to return all cores in a timely fashion (within 30 days) or pay for the core. The customer is responsible for any freight charges incurred on any core returned. As a convenience to our customers who are in our regular delivery area, we will pick up the cores.
  • Please familiarize yourself with our warranties and return policies that are clearly stated on our website warranty page . Any alternative terms that have been pre-approved by our salespeople should be clearly stated on the invoice. Please insist that such arrangements be clearly indicated.
  • We strongly discourage the use of third party delivery/pickup sites, but if it is necessary our policy is: Any merchandise or cores left at a third party site will be the responsibility of the customer until Pro Auto Recyclers has received the item back at our shop. If the item is lost at the third party site, the customer will be responsible for retrieving the merchandise or for full payment of the merchandise.
  • Please distribute a copy of these terms to your salespeople and any other purchasing agents so they are aware of our policy. We appreciate your business, cooperation, and time for reviewing this letter and look forward to serving your needs in the future.